Don’t Let a DUI Keep You Off the Road

Don’t Let a DUI Keep You Off the Road

Hire a DUI attorney in the Barnwell, SC area who will fight for you

Have you been charged with a DUI in Barnwell, Allendale or Orangeburg County? If so, you could be facing harsh penalties such as license suspension. You need to be able to take your kids to school, drive to work, run errands and more. Don’t let a DUI charge slow you down.

You need an experienced DUI defense lawyer to ensure the best possible result in your case. Reach out to Kirkland and Kirkland, LLC, a law firm based out of Barnwell, South Carolina.

Potential DUI Penalties

  1. Jail time up to 30 days for your first offense, and three years for additional offenses.
  2. Court fees and penalties that cost up to thousands—not including legal fees.
  3. License suspension of up to six months or more and installation of ignition interlock device.

Make sure you don’t get the book thrown at you by working with Kirkland and Kirkland – Barnwell, SC’s premier DUI defense team. Call us at 803-259-4455 to schedule a free initial consultation.